Choosing your surrogate is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Perfect Surrogate Agency can help. Our team has the experience to know what criteria to look for when we are selecting our surrogates into our agency, and we never compromise. Only a very small percentage of women who apply will be accepted into our surrogacy program.  The next step, matching intended parents with their surrogate, is truly a labor of love for us. Our intent is to be with you and answer any questions you may have as you decide who your surrogate will be. Once you have chosen we can help foster a relationship between you, and then we get to watch as it blossoms into mutual caring and respect. The whole process of IVF and surrogate is stressful, and can be a bit intimidating. Perfect Surrogate Agency knows what that feels like. We will be with you every step of the way, as we work together to make this journey a bit easier, always moving towards our goal of a successful pregnancy. 


how is the process?


Most of us grow up assuming that when we are ready to start a family, it will just happen. For some of us, unfortunately, that is not the case. 


Whether you are just learning, or you have always known that you would have your family through surrogacy, taking the first step and making the call is hard. Let us help. Perfect Surrogate Agency has the experience, both professionally and personally, to guide you through this chapter in your life. This is not only an agency, it is a family. We treat our IPs and surrogates as we hope any member of our immediate family would be treated. Those are not just words – the caring is felt as soon as you meet us, and continues throughout your time with us. 


Below is an outline of the general process that our IPs (intended parents) go through as they get closer, step by step, to becoming a parent. As you read through the outline, please remember that for each and every step listed, and for everything (expected and unexpected) that happens in-between, you will have a dedicated team to navigate this journey for you. 


Once you have selected your fertility center, which we can help with, you will start on this exciting journey.


1. Intended Parent and Surrogate Match. At Perfect Surrogate we understand the idea of needing outside help to become a parent may be emotionally difficult. Your choice of surrogate is the first step towards becoming a parent.  A decision this important cannot be rushed. Let us help you find the perfect match and put you on the path to parenthood. 

2.  Medical Clearance. Once you have been matched, your surrogate will be seen by your chosen fertility doctor for medical clearance. There is also a psychological evaluation needed for the surrogate as well as her partner (if applicable). We will help you with this process, to make sure it goes smoothly.

3. Legal Arrangements. Perfect Surrogate wants to legally protect intended parents and surrogates. We can refer you to an attorney that is well versed and experienced in the intricacies involved in surrogacy. Legal contracts must be in place before any treatment is begun.  At this time it is important for the surrogate to be given coverage for any medical as well as other emergencies that may arise. Perfect Surrogate Agency will help you purchase 

Medical as well as life insurance for your surrogate, that will cover her from the beginning of the treatment until delivery of your baby.

4. Embryo Transfer. After contracts are in place, medical treatment with the surrogate begins. In the case of intended parents who already have cryopreserved embryos, the preparation for an embryo transfer will begin. If intended parents have chosen to create their embryos after selecting their surrogate, then IVF treatment will begin with the intended parents.


The hardest part is the waiting between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test. As your surrogacy team and family, we will be with you throughout this stressful time, and will be wishing for a successful outcome.  Should the result not be what we hope for, we will grieve with you and offer support however we can. If you are celebrating a positive result, we celebrate with you! Our involvement does not end there. Perfect Surrogate is with you until your baby is delivered into your arms. We check in every few weeks with both the intended parents and the surrogate to see if we can help with anything. We are available at any time for questions, concerns or just to tell us how you are doing. 

At Perfect Surrogacy we feel honored to help intended parents connect with the incredible woman who is going to change their world forever. Words cannot describe the happiness you feel holding your newborn, and to be a part of bringing that indescribable joy to people is why we do this. 


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